What is DataGM?

DataGM has been created by public sector organisations in Greater Manchester, to release and bring together in one place, as much of the (non personal) data they hold as possible.

What is the status of this site?

DataGM launched with a beta version in February 2011. Developments are continuing across the site and of course, more and more data will be added, so do check back regularly and please tell us what you think.

Who is in charge of DataGM?

Trafford Council is co-ordinating DataGM on behalf of partner authorities in Greater Manchester and each is responsible for which data they add to the site, including ensuring that it does not contain any personal information covered by the Data Protection Act or is covered by an exemption in the Freedom of Information Act. It is also the responsibility of authority adding data to the site to ensure it is covered under a relevant open licence.

How can people use DataGM?

DataGM provides a search engine to offer several ways of finding the data you want. You can view all the datasets to see everything that is available or search by keyword or publisher. Each dataset provides guidance on accessing its data. You can also browse data by subject tags.

What data cannot or will not be released?

Our policy is to withhold data where to release it would infringe privacy legislation or where release would be exempt under other legislation, such as Freedom of Information.

Isn’t some of this data available elsewhere?

We recognise that our partners already provide open access to much of their data and we are providing direct links to this data, with the added advantage that it can all be accessed from one place and in a common format. DataGM can add extra value by allowing a focus on the data for Greater Manchester as a whole, or enabling comparison of data across organisational and geographical boundaries at varying geographical levels.

How were the datasets in DataGM selected?

Excluding personal and sensitive information, and information covered by legislative exemptions, all information created by Greater Manchester public sector organisations is, in principle, available for re-use.

Rather than structure the process of putting data on DataGM, we have started by putting common local authority datasets and datasets which are ready to go, and plan to work our way through as partners, adding datasets as we go.

Why is a particular dataset not available yet and when will it be?

Given the volumes of data, it will be some time before everything is available. If there is something you wish to see more quickly, please contact the team using the contact form, or the individual authority which collects the data.

How can people submit applications and visualisations?

Go to the Uses of Data page, where you’ll find information and a link for submitting your own application and facilities for commenting on datasets.

How can people make contact with the project?

To keep up with the latest progress and developments, check the posts on the ‘sets of data’ page, follow us on Twitter (coming soon) or contact us.

How can people submit ideas?

If you have a good idea for an application of data, please go to the ‘uses of data’ page where you’ll find ideas people have submitted and can submit yours.

Who do I contact if I have a comment, complaint or compliment about this site?

Comments about DataGM are welcome. In the first instance please use our contact us form, which will be received by the DataGM Project Team who will respond as quickly as possible or pass it to the partner authority for a response.

Will more data become available in the future?

Yes, we will be adding data often; as the project develops, more and more data will be on the site.

Under what licence is the data available?

In general, the data is licensed under the Open Government Licence. You can read details on what that means on our licence page.

What are the commercial use rights if people have commercial ideas?

The Open Government licence enables you to use all the data under that licence (which will be stated with the data) for commercial purposes. We are delighted that you see a commercial opportunity in using the data on DataGM.

Is there a place for people to discuss ideas, applications and using the data?

Each dataset has a ‘comment on’ function, where people can start discussions about the data. Future developments are proposed, such as a forum and ideas page. Please also see the ‘uses of data’ page.

Are there any “do’s” and “dont’s”?

We have a simple code of conduct relating to using DataGM and using the data on it.