DataGM has been created by public sector organisations in Greater Manchester, to release and bring together in one place, as much of the data they hold as possible. Developed in partnership, DataGM is coordinated by Trafford Council in partnership with FutureEverything which seeks out and shares new art forms and technologies in creative ways.

The public sector partner organisations to DataGM are:

Each of the partners is defined as an 'organisation' within the DataGM site.

They can publish open data onto their group or, alternatively, the DataGM administrator can add data from each of their websites, once open. The administrator can also add data by the request of each publisher.

Should anyone wish to add public sector data, please contact us.

It is, of course the responsibility of each publisher to ensure that any of their data on DataGM does not include personal data under Data Protection legislation, is covered by an exemption in the Freedom of Information Act and that it is open under a relevant licence.